Hana Saki Japanese Hibachi & Steakhouse

Hana Saki Japanese Hibachi & Steakhouse
1404 Boston Road
Springfield, MA 01119
Phone: 413.783.3192 413.783.0368

Cuisine Asian/Fusion/Sushi Steakhouse Hibachi

Welcome to Hani Saki where the atmosphere is cozy and casual. Come to Hana Saki and try our Special rolls skillfully prepared and beautifully presented by our top chefs at an affordable price. Our dishes are always made fresh daily. We carry a full bar with a variety of Japanese sake. At Hana Saki, our chefs are ready to provide you exquisite hot food from our grills as well as entertain you, your friends and family. Our staff is very helpful and willing to do everything they can to make your dining experience pleasant and enjoyable. Dining at Hana Saki is an experience that you will always remember.

The following are the menus available from Hana Saki Japanese Hibachi & Steakhouse:

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